Friday, March 27, 2015

.: Decision .:

Since last two weeks our team has committed two external error..
I'm the one who need to clarify the factor of this error and the ways to avoid it in future (even though its not my error)..
Not blame anyone but it's part of my new role maybe?.
Sometimes I wonder if I have made a right decision to accept this new role..
Compare to last time, I'm much more happier person instead of now..
People always said that I should be grateful with my new role : i'm "someone" there, higher paid, bonus, etc.. but it's not the factor for the happiness..
Last time, I love to hang out in the office till 5am without do any works as I have lots of close friends to be with.. but now, I can't wait even 1 minute to go back home..
Maybe because of a new role or maybe most of our close friend already resigned..
Dont know and feel lost.

These two errors also makes me realised something..
People changes.. and learnt from their old mistakes..
Not all the time person who always makes an error, will make an error..
Sometimes we need to give them a chance to prove that they are correct..
And not all the times the person who shows that they are correct is in correct status.. sometimes, they also can commit the error..
Enough said, we are all humans.. and humans are not perfect.

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