Monday, August 23, 2010

G.R.E.A.T !!

I've got 3 good and greatest news in a week.
All about us. Juju, Put and Me!

It's about Juju, my sweetheart.
During our girls day out,
Juju told Put and Me that she got an offer to continue her study.
Not in local university but somewhere that she loves to go there.
Don't want to reveal yet where is that place.
Let Juju's herself reveal it.
We really happy for you, Juju.
But at the same time, so sad to let you go.
Cannot berhari raya together for this year.
We will wait for you until the next raya.
Put, ayuh organize farewell party for Juju.

Just now Put got her ACCA's results.
Everyone knows that this course was so hard to pass.
Our sister, Put, made it!
She passes all paper that she takes last sem.
Congrats dik!
Sangat bangga dengan kamu!
Chaiyok for this sem.
Cannot wait to see you in works!

Around half hour before break fast,
I got called from this HR.
She told me that I got an offer to works as GSE.
Totally different from the construction field.
Don't know what comes in my mind when I sent my resume to my cousin.
Just to try my luck.
And suddenly I got that position.
Will start my works next month, 23/9/2010.

P/s : Khas buat Juju dan Put.
Korang, thanks for that present.
Setiap satu gambar yang ade di atas kertas tu menceritakan setiap detik yang kita pernah lalui sama-sama.
Sewaktu ketawa, menangis, marah, kena maki dengan orang gila and so on.
Selama 2 tahun kita kongsi bilik, makanan and every single things together.
Selama 5 tahun kita kenal each other.
Tak pernah sekali pun rasa sesal.
Sangat secure bila berada di samping kamu-kamu.
Sangat cinta dan sayang pada kamu.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hari ni genap 24 tahun saya hidup.
My wish only one.
Kebahagiaan sentiasa di samping saya.

Btw, first person that wish my day was my ex yang dah lama sangat tak dengar brita dia.
Sangat terkejut.
Masa dia call, I'm already had my dream.
So, I though I just dream about it.
Then bila bangun check received call,
YES! it was him.
Tak sangka + tak terpikir pun dia akan wujud balik.

Mr FR only terpikir nak wish bila jam dah masuk pukul 2 pagi.
*maybe mau membalas dendam pasal aritu tapi tak sanggup tunggu pkl 3. hihi*
But, your words seriuosly makes my heart melt.

thanks to my family for those special food for our 'berbuka'
Semua makan sampai rasa nak muntah.
Curious siapa punya bithday arini.

for those who had wishes me,
I want to say,
Really appreciate it.
Minta-minta doa kalian untuk saya dimakbulkan.



Monday, August 16, 2010

Too many things happen at our office.

The saddest is MI already resign from here.
He's the guys that I really attached.
He teach me lots of things.
He's my punchy bag when I'm in an angry mood.
He's my shoulder when I'm crying
He's my clown that makes me laugh.
He's my consultant when I need some advices.
He's my partner to fight with.
He knows me well. In every detail of me. Can't hide anything from him.
Now, he will move to the new office like our previous team mate.
So sad but as well so happy for him.

hope you will success in the new environment.
even u will not be around us anymore, but I will disturb u whenever I want.
U know that I'm your lovely shadow rite?

Disebabkan MI sudah resign, sume projek yang tinggal, group kami terpaksa take over.
Sangat kelam-kabut and sooo tired.
Hope the new group will recruit as soon as possible.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Surat Untuk FR @ A

Kepada En. FR,

Selamat menyambut hari tua, sayang!
Sorry, tak wish tepat pukul 12 pagi. *ngantuk. tertido.* ;p
Tapi, still jadi orang pertama yang wish kan?

Did you realize that almost five years we know each other.
Remember how can we be friend?
From that stupid quiz. :)
You help me to win the first place.
But, that time, u and I seems like brother-sister.

Then, I start couple with M.
One day, u used M pc and we had lovely chat for the whole day.
Starts from that, we become closed until M and I decide to break-up.
We start our lovey things from that.

But, after one time, kita wat hal masing-masing.
Tak tau apa jadi, but we try very hard to ignore each other.
Time tu the worse part for us, I thought .
Benda ni jadi sampai Rina abes study kat shah alam.

Masa raya that year, tiba-tiba A call.
Borak pasal diri masing-masing, update apa yang terjadi & of course about our relationship.
Rina ingat one thing A bagitau Rina.
"Kalau ada jodoh, selama mana berpisah pun, tetap akan bertemu kembali juga."
Mungkin sebab itu, A biarkan Rina terbang ke mana sahaja, kan sayang?

Rina tak tahu sampai bila Rina boleh bertahan ada di sebelah A.
A sakit, A tak bagitau Rina.
A masuk hospital, A tak bagitau Rina.
Nasib E yang bagitau.
Alasan A, takmo Rina risau.
Lagi A tak bagitau, lagi Rina risau, sayang.

Setiap tahun, Rina tak pernah miss wish besday A tepat pukul 12 kan?
But, last year Rina rasa totally different.
Selalu A akan call after Rina wish.
Tapi last year, takde.
So, this year, Rina ingat dah tak payah terhegeh-hegeh wish tepat pukul 12.
Mana tau A tunggu gak Rina wish until pukul 3 pagi.
Sorry sayang.
Sorry buat A ngantuk untuk pergi kerja hari ni.
Sorry terlewat wish your birthday.
But, you know what?
Your call today really make my day brighter.
How I wish I can spend my day with you today.
But, work is work.

Kamu dah tua setahun lagi.
I wish you all the best in your life.
Hope wherever you go, may sunshine fall,
Whatever you do, success in all.
Whenever you wish, may all of it will comes true.

Sayang kamu selalu. Sebagaimana yang kamu sedia tahu.
Jaga Diri kamu. Jangan sakitkan hati kamu itu lagi. Buang terus rokok-rokok itu.
Rina sentiasa ada untuk A.
Turn your back to me if you want to cry. If you had problems. If you in miserable condition.
Cheer to me if your dreams comes true. If you had succeed. If you enjoy your life.

Take care and lots, lots and lots love for you.
4 August 2010.