Tuesday, January 31, 2012

as usual, bile banyak menda berlaku, baru nak update kat sini.
nampak sangat penyakit M tu sangat berleluasa nak2 bile time bekerja tak sama dengan normal people kat sini.

1st, Just activate my fb after 1 month "fasting". Now, I know which person can called as a FRIEND and which person can I called as my besties. Only a few people that still connect with me during my "fasting" month. Except my colleagues la. No sweat. =)

2nd, we've got our rating for bonus and increment on this April. Luckily, my rating going up compared to previous year. Too happy for this. Alhamdulillah. Syukur.. =)

3rd, my mom's anak angkat, abang hafiz have been warded after involved in tragic accident. Too sad when we go visit him in the hospital. He just not as himself anymore. Try to be calm but my tears still running when I see him. We are so close to each other during our childhood time. Playing together, fighting each other, laughing together, eat together, etc. He's like my own brother that I never have. He just remember only small little thing in a short period. After like 10-15min, he'll forget again. ='(

4rd, I've take a lot of annual leave in this month. Just want to go somewhere enjoying myself without any disturb from people out there. In this month je, I've spent a lot of money to pampered myself; holiday to cherating, perak and perlis. This only will happen when I felt that I can't take the load of stress anymore. Theheehe... :D

5th, Just came back from sending my lil brother to KUSES. Almost 1k++ we (my father, sis and me) spent just to buy things for him to use in this school. He got the offer to join that school with his two best friend from his old school. So, the possibility for him to nangis2, raung2, do the sympathy drama just to go to his old school back is lower compared when during his form 1, that he got offer from SAMBEST and finally he's just there for 3 days and meraung2 nak balik rumah.
Luckily, he got the same dorm with one of his best friend anddd also they got the same bed (double-decked bed) annnnnnd got the same class some more. Hopefully he'll not cry like the old days when we go to pick him up this friday. But, when looking the things that happen before we go back just now, (which is dia mengadu one of the dorm-mate so sombong and ada muka nak jadi pembuli mereka berdua ini), maybe he will ask us to take him home for good. Hopefully NOT again (with a big letters).

6th and the last one, our housing area will have a new guard sooner. Happy as the trauma from the previous accident that happen to me is still there. At least, the guard can do something IF the accident happen again (hopefully not and not and not) as the post guard is exactly in front of my home sweet home.. ;)

That's all I think for now. Will update more if I've got a long good holiday again. Theheeeheee.. ;P