Wednesday, October 15, 2014


4 years ago, I felt in love with this place.
I've got a new close friends, new journey of life, new knowledge and also new environment.

But, when time passes, I felt so down and so confuse.
Especially, the time when my line manager (that time) submit her resignation.

We got a new LM which is so bitchy. Always make us fight with each other.
Or always tried her best to find our error (note : error =losses).

After a few postion adjustment, one of our team mates has been promoted as our new LM.
That time, feels like this world is ours and we are happily working together.

Fast forward, recently our LM has been submit 24 hours her resignation letter.
The reason is; follow her husband to Germany.
Right now, we did not have person in charge for our team as bosses need time to find a replacement.

Unlucky for me because, the most senior in that team is me and mr C.
Both of us need to complete all daily tasks plus to add on together with management task.
Even though the people keep on saying its a good chance for us to be promoted,
I thinks as for now, we have enough daily tasks to take care of.
No need to add on with the management task.
The salary is still same as for now, but the workload makes us stress.

For me, it doesn't matter what's my title or my salary.
As long as I'm happy with what I'm doing.
But now, I felt like I'm desperately wannna to resign and find a new job in a competitor company.