Monday, August 31, 2015

.: Random:.

Missed the good old days.


There is no other way to success;
Either you move on or give up.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

29 YO now.. and still young.

Celebrate my birthday last Tuesday..
No special party since I'm working on that day.
But, I'm lucky enough to be loved by soooo many people.
Mom and dad wish me the morning of the day.
As usual. Felt like I'm grown up (become older) too fast. =P
Following by the lovely messages from my closest friends. They still makes times for my special day even though they need to report to work.
Going to the office, with hope that no one talked about my day. Pretend being busy at my workstation till Marina told me Amy wants to meet us and have a catch up session. Take my 1 hour break time and met them at GJ cafe. Suddenly, Amy makes a surprise by bring out the cakes (not 1!) and order my favorite latte. Chit chat and laugh till Marina's hubby asked her when she will come home.
While both of them headed to parking area, I'm forced myself to continue my works. Then Ayu came to my workstation and bring me my favorite latte from ☆bucks. LOL. They know how to make me happy!
While continue pretending I'm busy, one of my team mates, S, shout out and asked everyone to sing a happy birthday song. I just like, whatttt.
Then Ade came to my workstation with the cake. Another cake for me! Yes. All my closest friends love to give me foods and they are so sweet. No wonder they only gave me the sweetest food! LOL.
After all the 'awkward situation', I think to myself, this is the last one *hope*.
Andddd suddenly I received a call from my family members in MNL. They are shouted there and wishing me! Feel so touched and almost want to cry! Missing their voice and their laugh for almost 7 months!
Chit chat for a while and that called really make me smile for the whole day!
While almost the end of the day, got another called from MNL and its from the most handsome boss, A!
He wish me and give me a power card to do anything on that day as a present. Asked me to tell him if anyone disturbing me and he will do the necessary.
Soooooo sweet! This is the reason why I still cannot move on from all MNL family and keep in being bias. They are too nice for me and I love them so much! Even though we spend our time together only for 2.5 -3 months but they are there when I need them - when I almost cried with the nonsense thingy.
Hope can meet all of them again one day. Definitely will tell them how much I miss them and love them..