Saturday, April 27, 2013

cut the hair = start a new chapter..?

Decide to cut my hair today..

Selepas apa yang berlaku, maybe cut the hair is one of the best treatment to start a new life..
Selain bershopping of course..

Officially, Mr A and me already break up..
Kecewa sangat but life must go on..
And tekad yang this will be the last one for both of us..
Penat dah putus-sambung-putus-sambung-putus..

My friend has asked me if I didn't feel any regret after so long waiting for him..
Tipu kalau cakap tak regret..
Ada sikit but if betul takde jodoh, nak buat camne..
Dah betul-betul berserah je..
Hope for the best to both of us.

Nota kaki: crying is the best friend to a heart-broken-girl..
And its truth.. Its happen to me right now.. :'(