Saturday, November 19, 2011

a lots of things happen since last post I wrote here. dunno where I should start..


*Christine, my lovely boss, already resign on my birthday, 18 August. So sad because she's the one that teach me how to live in that bank. She's the one who always calm me when I do errors. She's the one who always there when I need some advice. And, she's the one who takes me and care for me from my first day there until her resignation. Sad but also happy for her. She deserves what she got rite now. Hope she'll happy in her new place.

*Our celebration birthday, (me and Miss D born on the same date and same year, surprisingly) became saddest celebration since we also celebrate farewell party for Christine. Too bad.. ='(

*Even it's already late, but I want to say thanks to those who pray and wish me on my birthday.


Nothing great happens on this month except we got new boss which is from our own teammates also.
Hope she will be at least as good as Christine.


*My lil brother had his PMR in this month. So, automatically all of us can't watch tv except watch news so that he'll not distract by us. *House Rules*

*Our family trip for this year also fall in this month. Exactly one day after my lil bro last paper. Dare to say, he more exciting to go to Kuching rather than to study for his PMR. =____="
Yes, we are going to Kuching for this year trip. We hired tourist guide there and he is soooo handsome. But sadly, he already married with two kids. My dad also thought that he's only 20's and just finish his study but turn out that he already work as tourist guide almost 5 years (if I'm not mistaken). And, none all of us, had take pic with him during our trip there. Sad. sad. sad.
He brought us to all popular places there; waterfront, perkampungan budaya (forget the name), kilang membuat kek batik, museum, pasar yang terletak berdekatan sempadan Indonesia (also forget the name) and other places. The food there also not bad even though on the first day, all of us got cirit-birit. =P. All of us vote "Umai" as their most delicious food even though people out there said mee kolok is the most delicious. mee kolok is just same as mee goreng here but the different is they use different kind of mee. (for me la)


* I plot my core leave in this month. (For info, one of our bank rules is, every worker need to have their core leave (means 10 days berturut off from works per year)).

*For my core leave, I'm going to Perak (specifically, Kelly's Castle, Taiping, Kuala Kangsar and Teluk Batik). I'm going with my lovely angels, Put and Juju. We drove with help from our Mr. GPS. Kelly's Castle a bit scary place if there is no one there. Taiping, for me, is a romantic place that I wish I could move and live there. Don't know why but I've already fall in love with Taiping. Maybe the surrounding make me feel like "I'm coming home". We stay at Hotel Potato (sounds like "wut??" =P) or we keep on saying as Hotel Kentang then keep laughing to each other. But, the equipment in that hotel is nice. Maybe because they just lauch that hotel and we are the earlier tourist that stay there. Before we plan this trip, we already fixed our budget not more than RM500. Anddddd, we did it! We only spent almost RM300++ for 4 days and 3 night trip (including transportation and hotel kentang and souvenir anddd starbucks coffee.... ;P). I'm really enjoy this trip especially accompanied by my lovely angels. (Yeah, I really love them sooo much. They are people that always being there when I need shoulder to cry, smile for my achievement, laugh for my joke, critics for my bad habit and so forth). Its JUJU and PUT!
Love. love. love.

*Lastly, yesterday, 17/11/11, during Reward and Recognition (R&R) session in my bank, I got the best GSE awards for Quarter 3 in this year. Still can't believe it until today. I'm just 1 year in this bank. I'm a newbie they and in this field. I'm still remember how much effort that I must put so that I'm not felt like an alien in this field. I'm totally stranger in this field because my degree is not in this area. Sometimes, I'm a bit jealous with them who had qualification that are suit with this field. They are easily understand this thing because they had basic. But for me, need to struggle so much so that, I know what I'm doing and gonna do it. My friends always called me a workaholic person. Too bad back then but now everything seems clear. Also, thanks to my teammates that always help me whenever I didn't understand what is happening and always struggle to answer my stupid question. Too bad U guys got me as teammates. ;P
And, I'm still remember the first R&R in this year that I attend. During that time, I need to act as Pengantin with Mr. A.A. So funny and yet I'm really didn't expect that I still here and still can attend R&R for third quarter in this year. I thought I'll give up easily that time. =P

*Our Big bosses, Syed and Tammy, had been promoted to be AVP in this month. Automatically, we've got new big bosses which one of them is previously my cousin boss. (Yeah, I got two cousin that works in the same bank but different department. One of them, boss in her department.)

I think, that's all for now. Will update more depends on my mood. Thehehehehe... ;P ;P ;P