Tuesday, November 16, 2010

already resign as qs one months ago.
so sad but nothings i can do.
maybe bukan jodoh saya to be one of the successful Sr.

join in the new world for me is so adventures i think.
because, all the time i felt that i'm losing my way.
but, thanks to my teammate makes me better from day to day.
enjoy but tired as well.

someone said to me that i'm the workaholic girl.
it is true but i think all of us must be like that rite when it comes to works?
or maybe she's rite.
i think i'm such a sweety alien *ehem ehem* that involve in totally strangers for her.
lots of things she must explore in a shorter period.
so, she must works 2 times more than a normal person.
pity on me rite?
but, i'm sure i can do it!
chaiyok rina!

become a new girl and the only one new in one place is such a terrible thing, i guess.
because i'm not the kind who can make friends easily.
i'm the type that will shut my lovely mouth at one corner of that place and just smile when someone greets me. and also just answer with 1 word, only 1 bullshit word even though the question needs long and long answer for it. that's me. seriously.

1 guy there already make fun of me about that habit.
he said that i'm too cold to be close and too scared too talk.
wutever. as long as i can survive. it doesn't matter at all.

and become the younger one among all of the teammate, such a horrible things!
but at the same time such a sweet things.
horrible because all the time they bullies me and successful lie to me without i noticed it at all.
so hard to believe them.
sweet because they protect me wherever i need and even no hesitate to show their love in front of other teams.

sometimes, i'm so scared
because all the things that i felt in love with,
it becomes not lovely at all after that.
i'm started to felt in love in this kind of works but i'm scared that 1 day i'll lose it.
maybe i'm too paranoid, i guess.
hopefully this works really suit me well in future.

p/s : ana sayang, nanti aku amek award aku kat dalam blog ko ek? hihihi.