Monday, November 5, 2012

Update! ;)


Haha. Lama gila gila gila sangat tak update kat sini. Dah nak penghujung tahun pun..

Takde menda pelik pun berlaku untuk tahun ni.. Sama macam tahun-tahun lepas..


Full of surprise..

Ups and downs.. But still need to face it even though we tried very hard to escape from these nonsense thingy..


Its already two year and a half I work here.. Like other companies..

Full with the dirty office politics.. Kalau pandai berkata-kata, confirm u'll get chances to move to the next level.. No need to work so hard like the other staff.. Or maybe I can say, u do not need to work at all.. Just pampered the bosses and u'll get what u aim..

Sorry, I'm not that type. I'll fight for my right to speak the truth things.. maybe will hurt some bosses heart but if it's wrong, we need to told the truth rite? :)
*makan gaji buta haram kot*


Cannot say anything.. Sometimes I wonder if he loves me as much as I love him?

I love Alang him. Love him so much.

We have talked about our future..several times.. But seems like its a long way to go..

Just berserah kepada Allah for the best.

If he meant for me, one day we will move to the next step (with lotss of do'a).

If not, maybe he's not the right person that can guide me for the rest of my life. hope not.

no other person can replace his place in my heart.. huhu..


My two besties, Juju and Put always by my side.. we just came back from our annual holiday..
this time we decide to go to Malacca for our holiday.. masing-masing shopping macam tak hengat dunia because the price is too cheap! sadly because maybe this is the last time we can go holiday bertiga as next year, Juju will become someone wife.. But, Juju stated that we still can do our annual holiday together.. She will paksa Asrap to allow her to join us for the holiday...
Yeah rite, Juju. Haha. Or.. maybe we can ask Asrap to be our guard along our holiday. ermm.. seems like good idea. Haha.

Even I got new friends and lost the old friends, but these two always there when I need them and when they need me.. Its the beauty of our friendship..

Oh. and I still have my childhood friends when I need an advise and a jokes to tell.

Abby : Even she's a pura-pura busy person, but she is the one yang always ask me to spend time with her everytime she's here. She knows me inside and outside. My mom always meet her and update her my story. Thehehe..

Zue : the cool mum and wife.. her house is a place for us to lepak because her cooking is awesome and sian kat anak dia if kitorg culik dia keluar.. thehehe..

Shaz : the closest of mine! she's my mirror and we share a lotss of secret. now she's far far away from us. rindu!

Syue :  penyakat yang paling awesome. everytime syue balik sini mesti ade ayat keluar "korang takmo keluar dengan saya ke?" dengan nada yang paling sedey skali. so, masing-masing akan reply, "okay, jom keluar. bila nak keluar?" haha. *dah bley hapal ayat masing-masing* ;)

tetibe rindu korang semua.. :'(