Saturday, May 9, 2015

.: Ramblings part II:.

Have some serious chat with him last night.
Talking about works, office related and the future.
He told me he have an interview session this monday.
-the one he applied last march.
Too happy for him but too sad as well.
Too happy as finally he can shows to other nonsense people there that he's capable man and he has the knowledge that other team realise but not his own team leader.

Too sad as I'm going to lost him as my reference, my dictionary and my partner in crime.
But, of course, he needs that movement after all nonsense thingy happens this week. I should support him and pray for his success.

I told him I prefer if he can move up in our team instead of other team as for us here, he's really reliable and knowledgeable verifier.
He agreed with me as for him, he's already comfortable with his tasks now but, maybe management have a different ideas with us.

Hate it but we need to accept the decision as that's not our own company, I guess.
Losing him, meaning, I might be lost my little brother there. Because the stress might be higher for him. And losing two beloved persons are not happy at all. No more excited reason why I should come to office everyday. The only reason left is I need the salary. That's it.

I cannot mumbling in my fb about all this nonsense thingy as there are team leader in my friend list and I'm not trusted them at all. Not yet I guess..

I should start to submit my resume once he confirms with me he'll move and my little brother is no longer there. I'll not leave till both of them is no longer there. That's my promise to myself. As both of them are really special to me. Dont know why.


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