Saturday, March 7, 2015

.: Lost :.

Lost. Tired. Negative vibre.
Today I'm working for more that 12 hours which is so not healthy.
Got some big issue here and there, plus training which took me for 2 hours 30 min
away from my 'lovely' desk.
Regret as I need to leave my peer doing all the important task alone
when I know she's not too familiar with that stress..
If I have a choice, I would rather skip that training and help with the tasks.
And might be we will not faces that big issue and no need to answer back
what's going on while I'm also didn't know the whole story yet.
I'm not blaming her at all but myself.
I should be there during that time as it's my responsibility..
Didn't say the training is not important but if I can cut my body into two,
I'll do that.


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