Saturday, May 16, 2015

.: Respect. Amaze:.

Happy day for me today (I guess)..
No much issue and seems like all the 'roller-coaster-days' has gone (hopefully).
While doing the works just now, Mr AT 'st' me asking about something.

And, as usual, he never forget to give me a new word (comes with the meaning of each alphabet.. like I.T.A.L.Y, J.A.P.AN).
I'm so amazed with him actually.
He's one of my trainee when I'm in MNL.
Sometimes I called him "boss" as he's in higher level from me..
Compare to other person which in the same level with him, he never ever escape my training.

To add on, he never take down the notes but he can remember all those things that I has delivered to all of them. He will understand all those things and absorb in his mind.

I really admirer his positive thinking and he once told me that if someone did the error, he'll sang the song to that person. (Sounds cool to me! Thehehe).

That's the reason why I really dont mind to answer lots of question from him (knowing me, I'm lazy to answer the question from higher level as I believed they should know better) as I know I'll learnt something as well.

Sometimes, I make a joke with him asking him to take me as his staff. I know I'll learn lots of things and I can be positive person as well. I really need that now..