Saturday, May 16, 2015

.: Past :.

My closest friend in office (also my trainer now for far east market), M, asked me why I didnt bother at all about marriage while all our friends there worried about their life partner.

And it just knock my mind as well as all this while, whenever people asked me about marriage, I just laugh and said 'not yet maybe'.

Being in a relationship for 8 years with the same person (of course on and off), I think its hard to maintain a good momentum. We are not like a normal couple (fight, have some drama or shout at each other). We never fight (so far, what I can recall) as we believed we are matured enough (seriously?) to handle all these nonsense thingy.

But, of course, jealous is the main reason why both of us always break up during these 8 years period of time.

We have a planned to move to the next step (marriage) while his late mother still with us. But, maybe we are not meant for each other. After his mother passed away, followed by his father, we break up for a while (but of course I'm by his side, as a close friend to support and cheer him up).

Then, we continue being together back and continue what we planned before. He brought me to meet all his brothers and I bring him to meet my sister as well.

Dont know what happened, we lost our way. As usual, maybe jealous is the factor (but for me its the indicator that we are really not meant for each other).

We offically break up 1 month before I'm going to MNL. And both of us agreed that no more after this. Not as a friend as well since we might being together again and again.

While I'm in MNL, I tried my best to forget him and we tried our best to ignore each other (of course its hard at first since we still connected by fb).
He gave me a msg but no reply from me of course and the same thing happens from my side.

But after 2 months (I'm back from MNL), we totally strangers to each other. I think I have enough as of now and I dont think marriage is one of my focused as of now.

Maybe in future, who knows but for now, not yet.