Sunday, March 1, 2015

.: Life:.

Last weekend, our younger cousin (mom's side) getting engaged at my auntie's place..
This is the best time for all cousins catching up all the gossips and updates about each other..

So long we didn't met each other and the last time we have chatting session is Sept last year (if I'm not mistaken)- bbq session during eid festival..

We talked about life, career, responsible, nonsense thingy, etc..
While talking about marriage, one of my close cousin asked me when will be my Big Day (married - while he just broke up with his gf because she asked him to get married. Daaaa~~~).

I told him I'll think about that once I have my own house.. and surprisingly, he also agreed with me..
Knowing him since the day he borned (he's 1 year younger than me), he never take seriously when we talked about our future..

Then I just realised we are adult already and matured enough, compared to those years, when we only have a thought on how to spend our parents money on 'lepaking' and clubbing (he's the mastermind in our family for those bad activities.. hehehe). Time flies so fast and make us change to what we are today..

What can I recall is, last time when we are together, we always talked about where should we spend our weekend, which place much more happening, who should go and ask our parents permission for that 'bad' activities, who should drive us there..
But that day, we just only talked about our works (most of my cousins working in a banking field and I have 2 cousins under the same roof), about our future planning, responsibility which till today I'm still wonder how we can 100% change compared to those "teenagers days"..

But, its good for all of us as we still close even though we rarely see each other (except for me and my 2 cousins)..