Saturday, February 28, 2015

career path : new career, new journey, new peers.

I'm officially Asst Manager since last december..
Not so excited as I believed it will comes with lots of responsible..
But, just follow the flow as usual..
Life is full of surprises and I hope I can face it calmly..

Done with my project in Manila.. not a real project..
Its just like I need to share my knowledge and experiences to our peers there about our works..
2 months with challeges and sweet memories..
Will never ever forget this experience..

Met a lots of nicest and lovely mates there along this journey as well.. especially our icsd team..

They teach me as well.. about life, man, and friendship..I never taught that I'll become closed with anyone there, but it's happens..

Before this, I just know about him from my other team mate.. once I met him & sharing lots of stories, I felt like I've found a new close friend.. I can tell him anything.. bad or good..negative or positive..

One of my closest friends, told me to have at least a space between he and me as she afraid I'll have special feeling to this nice guy.. but, as for now, I dont think I'll do that as he means a lot to me.. he's my positive energy (smile is his trademark and he asks me to do the same as well), my library (I refer to him lotsss everyday), my secret box (share with him lots of complaints), etc..

Maybe one day, we will not have much time to listen to each other but not now.. not yet I think..


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