Saturday, July 26, 2014

.: works :.

I can't feels the raya mood yet.
Not sure why.
I'm more happy to talk abour work rather than raya.

Another 2 and 1/2 month, I'll go to Manila for work porposes.
Will stay there maybe 2 month or 2 month and 1/2.
Depending on the management decision.
Requested only for 1 and 1/2 month but they argue that it's too short for team there to learn the process.
Feeling so excited but at the same time so scared.
Its christmas & new year.
Usually there are a lot of party here & there..
A lots of drunken people for sure during the parties.

Just now kl team have a video conference with team there.
Just to introduce ourselves as well as them.
They also have prepared some interesting slideshow about Manila itself.
Requirement from higher management so that we wil not feel stranger once we go there.

Think back all this things make me wonder how can I manage to be at this level.
I remembered those days, I'll always cried once the work hours finish.
Because of the line manager (that time) & his 'kroni'.
There're lots of my errors that they can catch per day
(even though its actually not error if done by other person).

Once a new line manager came in and join our team,its suddenly changes to 360 degrees.
He taught me a lotss.
He told me to be patient and work more harder till everyone recognise my hard works.
I received my Best GSE for the second one because of him.
(received my 1st time; a year when I join this industry & this company)
Even though he's already resign from here, all his words are still in my mind.
He's tried to took me to join him in a new place.
But, I'm not ready to move yet.

Those days make me more stronger.
And those days also make me knew who are my real friends.
They also there when I need supported.
Crying is the daily routine back then.

I am feeling very grateful that I have these people around me.
Without them I'm not here anymore.

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