Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dah lama gileee tak conteng kat sini..
Suddently malam ni rasa nak menconteng..

What should I start first?
Banyak menda jadi even baru je bukak tahun baru..
Penat-letih-sedih lagi banyak dari happy-senyum..


AA will submit his resignation letter next week..
Although we are not as close as we did before, for me I still felt a lil bit sad..
His the one that make me know a good political can make us somebody here without do lots of works..
And sad because we can't become the old us..
laughing together..make a joke to each other..crying..angry to each other..smiling..comfort each other..
its all because that bad incidents and plus bad influence from bad people around us..
wish him the best in a new place..
I don't think I can say this word in front of him as many bad people around us will make this such a fun thingy..
Wish we were same as 2 years back.. :'(


I fall in love again with Mr.A..
and I did bring him to meet some of my closest friend..
especially Put and Lea.. on Juju's big day..
and he did bring me to meet his Along's and Angah's family last weekend in Penang..
but its just coincident.. without any proper plan..
I met his family because I need to fetch him at Along's house as his car break down while he's there to visit them..
At first, we plan to go back to KL on the same day. But his sis in-law ask me to stay 1 nite at their house as its already late.
I've told him that I need his sis to tell me direct if its correct..
Anddd yes, his sis terus called and ask me to tell my mom if its okay to allow me stay at their house..
Pendek cerita, that nite I stay at his Along's house..
On a day that we should go back, his Along ask him to meet Angah.. xmanis katanye balik xjumpa Angah dulu..
So its just meeting to say hi and bye..
Not a serious meeting..
I thought our r/ship should become better after all this 'introducing meeting'.
but, it doesn't go that way..
maybe I'm just too emotional because of that red per my friend's opinion....
He has warn me earlier on our way back to kl that he'll have no much time for me as he need to spend most of his time in branch.. including weekends
But, I still need him to share whatever nonsense thingy that happens for the day.. last-last sendiri nangis sebab rasa xdipedulikan
But still I love him damn much.. Hope he felt the same too..
Can't imagine how's my life could be if we are not meant to be together.. *simpang malaikat 44*

p/s; pleaseee pray for us the best in this r/ship.. :")


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