Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Tommorrow AA last day.
Just now we have small party for him from our small group..
Had sesi-luah-perasaan and sesi-minta-maaf..
As usual, our ex-boss, which is a mean and annoyed lady make fun both of us..
I hate this kind of things..
Why someone cannot accept our happiness and make us became hatred to each other..
For some reason, I think they just want us to become enemy and fight each other rather than become close friend.
Mind your own business lady before you mind our business..

Move to a "so-called" happy story..
This morning, I've got a call from developer's company that I had interview last 2 weeks..
They ask me to come and join them..
Still ragu-ragu to accept the offer..
Told Mr A about this.
He ask me if I really want to join this company..
And I told him that I didn't make decision yet..
And till now I still ragu-ragu..
Lets see what will happen this monday as I need to confirn with them on this monday..

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