Wednesday, July 20, 2011

annoying sangat!

sangat benci dengan orang yang bermuka-muka.

why not just tell the truth to the specific person no matter it's the good or bad things.

terpulang kepada mereka nak terima benda tu macamana as long as u had told the truth things.

one thing that I learn from current situation is, do not gives your trust 100% to someone even though they claimed that you are her/his best friend/special.

one day, it will harm you without any warnings.

I had seen a lot of things like this happens currently.

too bad, it's also happens to my friends that i used to called my "jula juli"

where is the trust that we used to hold before this?

where is the love that we used to have before this?

where is the loyalty gone?

where is sisters-bonding that we used to called before this gone?

think clearly about it before you make something stupid that will harm your friendship forever.


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