Tuesday, February 8, 2011

story about office.

*azwan came only for first 15 minutes. he got red eyes and can't see the screen well. but, before he's take for the mc, he finished all trade in Q. love him!

*settlement team trace 2 mistakes from the verifier Q. others fault but the one who got the blame is ME. demmit. processor should know the trade well before they submit to verify. that's y i hate the new processor. not because they are slow but they r lazy to ask around. just process what they want without even take their time to think. i'm also the newbie there. i'm also had been in processor place. but, we (me & azwan) learnt in a hard way before we can be like this. we had been scolded in a rough way while we are in the learning time. Now, we don't want the new processor learning in that way and we showed them in polite way. but they didn't take this advantage to learnt more. just do as their wish. shit. even, just now kak isma sounded me, "why, rina too nice to them? just teach them as how mich teach u." blurghhhhhhh

*i've got 2 external error because of the above things. mayb my confirmation will be extend. thanks to the new processor. SHIT

*thinks to move to the other market after i'm 1 year in this market. can't wait anymore. or hope that other banks that i had applied give me an offer to join them. sgt2 berharap. #berdoa#

*hope azwan will not take mc too long. if not, i'm in hell. seriously.


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