Tuesday, May 12, 2015

.: random :.

Dad : Dikcik (my name amongs family members), did u remember auntie zahnita?
Me : a lil bit. Why?
Dad : her son working under the same company as you but different zone. HK zone. In cyber not kl.
Me : ermmmmm. *munching my niece's grapes while the eyes focused on tv*
Dad : zahin (or zahir or zahim, can't remember; or maybe not focused) will attend the training in kl tomorrow. Dikcik wants to meet him and introduce yourself to him?
Me : *silent for a while* dont think so. Have lots of meetings (excuses). Dah ngantuk (sleepy already). Nite.

*dont know how many times he asked me to meet whoever-this-guy. But, I'm not interested at all as for now. Sorry dad! *

**need another excuses; in future**