Wednesday, May 27, 2015

.: Changed :.

I think I have changed recently.

I keep myself away from lots of people inculding my closer friends.
Only connected to those closest one which I feel that I can told them anything and anytime.

This usually happens when I have lots of issues to handle and dont want to burden other people with my problems as I know they also have their own thingy to handle with.

I did shares all my problems with Mr AP as this problems related to our works and he knows me too well and also I know I can trust him 100% to keep from others.

But, till last week, I think I should stop to share with him as this is my problems and its unfair for him to listen to my problems all the time when he also might has his own issues to handle with.

I try my best to keep all that issues by myself and resolved all that issues asap but sometimes I failed to do so. At the end, what I can do is crying. To let it out from my head.

Dont know till when I can survive like this.


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