Saturday, January 15, 2011

tahun baru dimulai dengan pelbagai cerita sedih.

-pui ying dah resign di bank itu. she accept the offer from other bank. reason : stress because of the management team sucks. she's my best buddy there. teach me lots of things. the processor things as well verifier things. i'm in my core leave on her last day there. so sad didn't had a chance to see her for the last time. she's the great teacher i bet.

-been robbed in front of my house. sometimes i'm wonder, is it too bad if i'm become a good daughter? i'm always go back from works on time but see what's happened now? my teammate said, better everyday, after the works done, we go lepaking anywhere rather than go back to our own home. working in abnormal hours like us always attract strangers to doing something bad to us. especially to girls. but, thank god i got teammates that are such a kind-hearted and care. right now, azwan will send me home or i'll just go to my auntie house if azwan on leave for the safety sake. i'm always told them that i felt that i always 'menyusahkan' azwan but azwan will makes a joke that he will not get any suitable verifier to take my place if anything bad happen to me. i know that i'm not that vip. he just try to pleased me i think. but, seriously, i love him the way he acts. he's like my big bro there. :)

-yesterday, sol girl last day. so sad but as well so happy for him. he got his life back. felt like wanna to cry yesterday. he's the 1st guy that approached me when i'm join that bank. he's such a nice, sweet and good guy. he's the planner for any lepaking and yamcha session. he's the leader for sesi kutuk-mengutuk. before he leave the place, he sent to us an email that will bring lots of conflict and dramatic things that will happen this monday. just wait and see. :)

i don't know why, every single things or people that i loved, it always ends that i'll missing and losing them. i'm scared if these shit things will comes in future again. that's y i'm so scared to comes close to a new people. so that i'm not so attached to them. bergaduh lagi baik kot dari berkawan rapat. :(


  1. wa... bagus2.. kadang2 boring jugak keje qs.. wat sumthing br pon interesing jugak kan.. Good luck!! :)

  2. interesting but difficult at the same time.
    sbb sume pun budak banking.
    just ade 2 3 kerat yang bukan diorg nye lulusan. termasuk aku.