Monday, August 16, 2010

Too many things happen at our office.

The saddest is MI already resign from here.
He's the guys that I really attached.
He teach me lots of things.
He's my punchy bag when I'm in an angry mood.
He's my shoulder when I'm crying
He's my clown that makes me laugh.
He's my consultant when I need some advices.
He's my partner to fight with.
He knows me well. In every detail of me. Can't hide anything from him.
Now, he will move to the new office like our previous team mate.
So sad but as well so happy for him.

hope you will success in the new environment.
even u will not be around us anymore, but I will disturb u whenever I want.
U know that I'm your lovely shadow rite?

Disebabkan MI sudah resign, sume projek yang tinggal, group kami terpaksa take over.
Sangat kelam-kabut and sooo tired.
Hope the new group will recruit as soon as possible.


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