Monday, August 23, 2010

G.R.E.A.T !!

I've got 3 good and greatest news in a week.
All about us. Juju, Put and Me!

It's about Juju, my sweetheart.
During our girls day out,
Juju told Put and Me that she got an offer to continue her study.
Not in local university but somewhere that she loves to go there.
Don't want to reveal yet where is that place.
Let Juju's herself reveal it.
We really happy for you, Juju.
But at the same time, so sad to let you go.
Cannot berhari raya together for this year.
We will wait for you until the next raya.
Put, ayuh organize farewell party for Juju.

Just now Put got her ACCA's results.
Everyone knows that this course was so hard to pass.
Our sister, Put, made it!
She passes all paper that she takes last sem.
Congrats dik!
Sangat bangga dengan kamu!
Chaiyok for this sem.
Cannot wait to see you in works!

Around half hour before break fast,
I got called from this HR.
She told me that I got an offer to works as GSE.
Totally different from the construction field.
Don't know what comes in my mind when I sent my resume to my cousin.
Just to try my luck.
And suddenly I got that position.
Will start my works next month, 23/9/2010.

P/s : Khas buat Juju dan Put.
Korang, thanks for that present.
Setiap satu gambar yang ade di atas kertas tu menceritakan setiap detik yang kita pernah lalui sama-sama.
Sewaktu ketawa, menangis, marah, kena maki dengan orang gila and so on.
Selama 2 tahun kita kongsi bilik, makanan and every single things together.
Selama 5 tahun kita kenal each other.
Tak pernah sekali pun rasa sesal.
Sangat secure bila berada di samping kamu-kamu.
Sangat cinta dan sayang pada kamu.


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