Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh. Dah bulan Julai!
Macam tak tau je nak start macamana.

Ok. Imbas kembali benda yang berlaku sepanjang bulan Jun.
First of all, Italy dah kemas beg baju dan dah selamat blah dari Afrika.
Sedih gila kot.
Tapi prestasi diorang kali ni memang teruk gila.
Dah r.
Stress cakap menda ni.

Our dearest lil bro, R dah selamat berhenti keje di company ini.
R continue amek degree kat UTHM.
Dah hilang bodyguard saya dan ayu dah.
By the way, I'm glad he wants to continue his study.
Go for JD's, R!

No many big things happens to my life in this month except for those two mention above.
maybe, I'm not fun to be anymore for those people.
But, I like the new way of my life.
I'm not that 'siang suci' girl anymore.
(My lovely lecturer, P, always called me 'siang suci' girl. Those who knows, please seal your mouth, ok!)

P/s : Think to continue my study. Master maybe? or double degree in tourism? still think about it. Tired with the construction field. Seriously. No fun and excitement anymore. huhuh.


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