Friday, July 3, 2015

.: Frustrated:.

As usual.. works related.
I love my job. Seriously.
At first, when I joined this industry, I told to myself that I'll be in this field for 2 years only, the most.
I do love my QS field but just wanna take a break. That's the reason why I decide crazily to change the field.
But, without realise, I do love more this new field than the QS.
I'm not dealing direct with client (only their service team) which is most comfortable enough for me. No need to listen to their nonsense complaint about their own needed.

The environment of the workplace also for me very nice, but maybe its only in the past. I never took any medical cert eventhough I'm really sick. But this year, I might be will take once my AL gone.
I can tolerate if lots of works being pass to me but I cannot tolerate if I need to deal with the nonsense people.
For me, everyone should know their responsible for their own tasks.
Manager should know how to deal when there is an issue and people - not focused only to the management of the people.
Asst Manager should know how to explain to Manager what's going on when there is an issue. Also, helping the staff if they cannot manage the works for the day.
Staff should know how to manage their works within time given.

But, seems like in my place, everyone forgot (should i say dont know) their own responsiblity.

When there is issue arise, what Manager can do only ask Asst Manager to solve. Plus, think the next course of action need to take to avoid the same issue arise in future. But, when there is a game takes place, he / she can think the solution. (?)

When there is issue arise, Asst Manager should know how to explain what's going on to the Manager. But, reality is, that person need to ask to another peer with the same level of him / her and that peer need to take the whole day explaining what's going on. Waste the time there.

Staff should focused on their tasks not laughing and joking around when they have lots of things to do. To avoid any issue. Seems like they think they have their own alarm clock (which is Asst Manager) to remind them each and every second. Totally nonsense for me.

If there is another company offer the same scope of works that I'm doing now with the same salary, without hesitation, I'll just accept the offer and resign. I do love my job but the situation right now makes me sick.

We have team from other side of world. Seems like they also "kick out" the most reliable person from our team that makes me lost my discussion partner, my close buddy and my teacher. Again, totally nonsense and crazy decision they have made, from my point of view.

I did apply to move to other team and other site as well, but being rejected by that manager. As what lots of people say, I'm his PA as well. The successfully PA. (@#$////^/#@×)