Friday, May 8, 2015

.: Rambling :.

Decide to deactivate my fb account.
However, some of my closest friends sent lots of whatsapp msg asking me y they cannot connected with me via fb messenger.
Maybe by this weekend I'll deactivate that account for a while since lots of negative vibes from me will effect my friends there.
No healthy life for me at all since most of my hours per day spent in the office. I spent almost 14 hours in the office evryday to ensure all tasks complete on time and to ensure my other team mates will not feel the burden because of lots of tasks need to be complete.
For me, its not like I love to torture myself but as a team, we need to help each other even though i need to sacrifice my leisure time.
And its not their fault at all, but maybe management need to think the best solution to overcome the shortage of people we have right now?

Also, I need to prepare for my next adjustment which is they challeged me to handle two teams which is for me not the right time for them to come out with this challeges. Its not like I cant accept the challege but my current team also short of people to do a daily tasks. They said that, my current team is actually in a good momentum and they also wants to challege my other AM if he can handle the team without fully support by me.
All these reasons, for me, doesnt make sense at all during this time as we still try to survive with the new segregation they make. Plus, with the latest arragement, I'm scared if one of my staff cannot bare all these stress and submit the 'love letter'.

I told all of them, I'll try my best to support them with whatever ways I can assist and they just need 5 months to bare with it. (As 5 month is the agreement between me and management for these new arragement).

We'll see how this works and if this become more crucial than we have right now, I'll challege back to those who make decision about this new arragement. I cannot bare to lost any one of them either from here or there. Each one of them means everything to me.

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