Sunday, May 24, 2015

.: Full. Blur. :.

Its been a while I didn't babling here.
I spent almost 12 hours daily at the office. Sometimes, 13 -14 hours which is soooo not healthy at all.

Lots of things happen which is most of them are major issues.
Plus, decision need to be made on the spot and there is no guidance from the boss.
I did ask him to give me the solution, but at the end, he just asked me to take the solution that have less impact to client no matter what the solution is.
Cool right? *krik krik*

All our team members called me his PA since most of the decision, he needs me to discuss with him. The reason being is his not familiar with our thingy ( even though he already 1 year with us). Poor me, I think.

I have applied long leave in November but being rejected by him. The reason he gave me is there is another AM in FE team on leave during that period of time. But, I did fight as I've been told to cover that team only till September. Still, he didn't allowed me to take on that time.
Then, the best part is, he rejected another leave that I've applied which is in August and the same reason he gave me. That makes me wonder if the reason is the only excuses he has to avoid me on leave as last friday, my AM partner was on leave as well as the AM in FE team.

All our team members make jokes to me saying that I only can take leave when his on leave as well. I'm his PA right.. which is so unfair for me..
I did applied on diff dates and we will see how once he get back to work from his long leave which the long leave only will starts from this monday..


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